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  • Sandalwood & Black-Pepper Scented Candle

Enjoy woody tones and spicy, peppery notes with our sandalwood and black pepper scented candle. If you prefer something a little more rustic and a little less sweet, this candle will be perfect for your tastes. Smooth, warm and slightly creamy, the combination of tones might remind you of freshly cut wood, or perhaps vanilla essence, with a little sharpness thrown in for good measure.

Our scented candles are all handmade in the UK and use high quality ingredients. This gives us complete control over the final product, so we can make sure every candle looks and smells beautiful. We set our candles in glass holders that allow you to use your candle as soon as you receive it – no need for additional candle holders.

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Sandalwood & Black-Pepper Scented Candle

  • Brand: Perfect4U
  • Product Code: 508012
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £19.00