Luxury Reed Diffusers & Refills

Luxury scented reed diffusers and refills. Floral, fruity, woody and Christmas scents in stock for fast delivery.

Fruity Collection

  • Square 100ml Glass

    Beautiful square glass with a selection of reeds, caps and scents. Mix and match to make your own diffuser.

  • Gloss Black Glass 100ml

    Fab gloss black glass 100ml. Mix and match caps and scents to make it your own.

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  • Gloss White Glass 100ml

    Gloss white glass 100ml. Mix and match cpas, reeds and scents. Select from black, white and natural reeds and caps.

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Limited Edition

Lmited edition reed diffusers. 


Woody reed diffusers are a great way to scent your home without... 


Our fruity reed diffusers are a wonderful way to bring the sweet... 

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Handmade Perfect4U Diffusers & Refills

Established in 2015, we aim to offer luxury products to our customers and amazing scents. All our collections are handmade in our workshop.

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